Sunday, August 9, 2009

Murata Girl, robot riding an unicycle

Hi all fans of my blog Robot Videos, here is another really great robot video. If you thought that robots can't ride a bicycle, then think again! Today's robots are on so high level that they can even ride an unicycle. Check out this robot Murata Girl from Murata company. Precursor of this robot was Murata Boy, robot that could ride a bicycle. Murata Girl uses gyro sensors, ultrasonic sensors that detects obstacles ( it judges how far away an obstacles are by measuring the time it takes to transmit and receive the reflected signal from the obstacle. Check it out, it is really something cool.

Unbelievable robot violinist

Hi all, this time I have for you another video that is really just amazing. I could not beleive that this robot is playing the violin. I thought that playing the violin is something so hard that robots will need few more years to be able to do it. Check out this video from 2007 where you can see one japanese robot how it plays the violin. It is something just perfect, so don't miss it out. It doesn't play like a Paganinni, but still... it's a robot playing the violin!!!