Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Robots for the moon (google Lunar X PRIZE)

Hi fans of robot videos. In these vids you can see some robots and some hardware from teams enrolled in Google X PRIZE. If you don't know yet what Google X Prize is, then you should know that it is something just amazing. The rules are quite simple, but the target is something very difficult. Google X Prize is a 30 million dollars competition to land a robot on the Moon, then travel 500 meters over the surface of the Moon and send some images and data back to planet Earth. Teams must be privately funded (at least 90% privately) and they must be registered by December 31, 2010. The first team to complete these difficult mission objectives will be awarded $20 million. The full first prize is available until December 31, 2012. Then, the first prize will be $15 million. The second team will get $5 million. Another 5 million dollars will be awarded in some bonus prizes. The final deadline for winning the prize is December 31, 2014. I just love space expolration and this looks like something really great. In next 10 years, it looks like the moon will be really crowded place, with NASA, China, Russians and even private companies there and that is something really great. Take a peek on these vids where you can see where the teams are now, some of the stuff looks really good, but there is really long journey in front of them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yaskawa Motoman shows off its abilities

Hello robot fans, in these cool new videos you can see Motoman SDA5D, two handed robot from company Yaskawa that can carry 5 kilograms in each hand. In these videos you can see how it shows off its abilities using lego blogs. This robot is really amazing, because it is human sized, it can recognize various shapes and colors of blogs using its 3d and color senzors. Blocks of lego can be mixed up and it will just find the block it needs. It is really not very hard to imagine that this and more advanced robots will do more and more work that people are doing now so in next 20-30 years milions and milions homan workers will lose their job and because of this probably whole human society is going to change.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Real breakdancing robot

Hello, robots are getting every day to be able to do more and more things only people could do before. In these videos you can see one new robot that can do breakdancing! Well, in fact it is not the first robot than can do breakdancing, but this one is probably the most sophisticated. It's name is Manoi PF01 and in contrast to precedent robots, everyone can buy this one for 1500$. Creators of this robot cooperated with some of the best breakdancer in the world. Check out this cool robot video where you can see that this robot is really very good dancer and not just because it wears such cool clothes. I think that no one is going to beat this robot in "the robot" dance :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Murata Girl, robot riding an unicycle

Hi all fans of my blog Robot Videos, here is another really great robot video. If you thought that robots can't ride a bicycle, then think again! Today's robots are on so high level that they can even ride an unicycle. Check out this robot Murata Girl from Murata company. Precursor of this robot was Murata Boy, robot that could ride a bicycle. Murata Girl uses gyro sensors, ultrasonic sensors that detects obstacles ( it judges how far away an obstacles are by measuring the time it takes to transmit and receive the reflected signal from the obstacle. Check it out, it is really something cool.

Unbelievable robot violinist

Hi all, this time I have for you another video that is really just amazing. I could not beleive that this robot is playing the violin. I thought that playing the violin is something so hard that robots will need few more years to be able to do it. Check out this video from 2007 where you can see one japanese robot how it plays the violin. It is something just perfect, so don't miss it out. It doesn't play like a Paganinni, but still... it's a robot playing the violin!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Robot Housekeeper

Every time when you talk with someone about robots, people usually says that they would like to have robot that would help 'em with houseworks. I think this is one of the oldest ideas about robot work. Imagine how great would it be if you could have all the time you spend every day on those boring thinks like washing up dishes, laundering, washing the floor etc.. for yourself, so you could watch the TV when robots are doing all this work. You might think that something like this is not gonna happen for very long time, but in fact, it's closer then you think! Take a peek on this video where you can see this perfect robot housekeeper, it looks little bit slow, but who cares if it is going to the all the work for 2-3 hours when you are at work and you come from work to perfectly clean house? I'm sure that in 10-15 years everyone in western coutries will have some higher version of this at home.