Thursday, July 8, 2010

Robot plays pool

Hello fans of cool robot videos, in this update you can see another robot sport video. I don't know if it is still "sport" when robots are doing it, but I don't know any other appropriate name. In this video clip you can see one robot that is called PR2. In this robot video you can see that iti is really not anything hard to teach robot how to play pool, it is really amazing that these guys porgrammed this robot to play pool so well in just a week, I'm sure that with more time and maybe more money it would be possible to make robot that would beat any pool player in the world.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hitachi shows adaptive suspension of EMIEW2

Probably the most famous robot from Japan is Asimo from Honda, but there are much more companies in Japan that makes very interesting robots and some of them even more interesting than Asimo. One of these robots is in my opinion EMIEW2 from Hitachi. This humanoid robot has been developed for many years and in this demo video you can see how it can go very easily over carpets and cabels lying on the floor. As you can see on the humanoid design of this robot, it's purpose is to work among humans and with humans. This cool machine is 80cm tall, weights 14 kilograms and has 14 microphones that helps this robot to pick up human voices from background noise. This robot can be used as visitors guide, receptionist, security guard and many more. Check out his video where you can see somethign just amazing and that is this adaptive suspension what this robot uses. For robots with two legs movement on two wheels and passing obstacles has been always big problem, but in this video you can see that it is no problem for this robot EMIEW2. Yuji Hosoda who is chief researcher of transportation system department at Hitachi says about it: "It can control its posture the way humans do when we stabilize ourselves after jumping on inline skates." That is something without a doubt very impressive and robot videos like this one are those that puts in your mind the question where will all this stuff end? We should start to be scared of robot abilities, maybe they will take just our jobs, but who knows, maybe our lifes will be next... :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Drunk Robot

Hello all of you who are looking for some cool robot videos. This time I have for you one funny video. I didn't know that robots can be drunk, but as you can see in this video, they definetely can! This is really so funny. In these robot videos you can see that this robot's task is to kick the ball, but as you can see in these vids, it must have been drinking lot of oil or something :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Micromouse demonstration

Micromouse is a robot competition first ran in 1979. It is an event when small robot solves 16x16 maze. the mazr is made up of a grid of 16x16 cells. Robots are completely autonomous and their task is to find their way from starting point to the center of the maze without any help. The robot needs to know where it is, discover way, map out the maze and of course detect when it has reached the goal. Afer the robots finds a way it will start to search the optimal route and then runs that route in the shortest time.
there is also new version of Micromouse competition intorduced in All Japan Micromouse Competition 2009, the maze is 32x32 and the size of cells is 1/2.

As you can see in this video, some robots can solve it really very quickly.