Monday, March 30, 2009

Robot Housekeeper

Every time when you talk with someone about robots, people usually says that they would like to have robot that would help 'em with houseworks. I think this is one of the oldest ideas about robot work. Imagine how great would it be if you could have all the time you spend every day on those boring thinks like washing up dishes, laundering, washing the floor etc.. for yourself, so you could watch the TV when robots are doing all this work. You might think that something like this is not gonna happen for very long time, but in fact, it's closer then you think! Take a peek on this video where you can see this perfect robot housekeeper, it looks little bit slow, but who cares if it is going to the all the work for 2-3 hours when you are at work and you come from work to perfectly clean house? I'm sure that in 10-15 years everyone in western coutries will have some higher version of this at home.