Thursday, June 30, 2011

Robots "shopping" and making breakfast

Lot of people today thinks that robots in non industry areas are something what is really not very useful. Well, it is true that these days are robots best for use in industry, but soon there will be much things what robots will do. The perfect example of this you can see in this video.
In this clip you can see how robot is "shopping" nad then you can see how robot makes a breakfast. you can see that these robots are quite slow, but I'm sure that in few years such robots will not only be faster than you can see in this video, but that these robots will be also much faster than humans. It is because for robots human speeds are no limits.
In this video you can see two robots, one is from Germany, one is from USA and here you can see them cooperating how they together prepares traditional breakfast with sausages and bread. I'm really looking forward for times where cooking shows in TV will look like this robot video!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Human-robot connection with Kinect

Controling very complex robots is something what is very hard, it can do many different moves and lot of stuff and controling such stuff is simply big problem. Of course robots are the same. Well, now it has changed thanks to Kinect. If you know Kinect you already know that Kinect is device, you can use for control various games and aplications just by movement of your body. in this robot clip you can see how you can very easily control this robot. It is another great step to perfect connection between humans and robots.