Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kibot: first robot for toddlers on video

Robot for toddlers? This is no scifi anymore, but reality now as you can see in this robot video. Everyone who has kids wants good future for them and we live in society where you need good education for good future. If you want to have clever and educated baby you have to start soon, but who has the time and patience to teach kids languages, right? There is a great robotic helper you can use now called Kibot. Well, it gets even better, Kibot is not just tutor because Kibot is also a babysitter. I'm sure that every parent sometimes wishes to have robotic babysitter.
The Kibot was created by korean company Kt Corp. It can do much more than just teaching korean kids english. This monkey looking robot can also move and when you leave it home it start to move trough the house and it is searching for kids. That is really cool isn't it? I have not seen many robot videos with such great robot, especially robots that already are in market.
Well, as you already know, Kibot is not just tutor, but also babysitter. That is because it has of course cameras and display and wifi connection. That means you can call it with your phone or some other device and communicate with your kids trough it. Well, it gets even better. If you have small kids, they usually does not know how to make a call, well, with Kibot it is extremely simply. They have card they just puts in front of Kibot's face and then Kibot calls the number that matches the card thanks to RFID chip it has in it. Another great thing about Kibot is, that it is not too expensive, 450$ is I think very good price for all the stuff it can do. I'm sure we will see more and more robot videos as this one in near future and our homes will be full of such devices.

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