Thursday, July 7, 2011

Realistic dental training robot

Even dentists of course needs to learn and to train and I'm sure I would not find even one person in the world that would like the one who these future dentists will try new techniques and so... Thanks to God and engineers there are robots to this very bad work instead of us. I consider dental care sometimes like some kind of torture and it is really good that at least part of this can take robots, who does not feel any pain. That is really very very good.
If you like realistic robots and looking forward to day when robots will look like those in Blade Runner, then you can be happy. Japan is in lead in robotics so it is no surprise that the most realistic human like robot you can see in this robot video is also from Japan. I have seen huge amount of robot clips, but I have never seen robot looking so great. I think that after watching this video you think the same. I'm sure that we are not longer than 10 years from now when there will be robots so realistic on the first sight that you will not know if it is robot or human. amazing times are really near.

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