Friday, July 15, 2011

Robot football world cup

Hello, if you are robot vids fan you already know probably very well that robots play football. In this video clip you can see that they are getting better every year and that is really great to see. You can see that those humanoid robots in this video are really not so fast and good as those who has wheels and even some kind of "cannon" to shoot the ball, but the moves they do looks more and more similar to moves humans do and that is something really fascinating to watch.
The day when we will not know if we are watching robots or humans playing footbal is still not even near, but you can see in this robot video then we are getting closer to that target really fast. What will be probably really bad for human players is that robots can play as team much better then humans and can communicate with each other in speed of light, their passes will be perfectly accurate, they will never do anything what could hurt their team and so on. from certain point, there will be simply no chance for humans to win against robots, but as you can see that point is not even close to us, but we can at least watch now how it all starts and that is also very interesting.

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