Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Video of robot that flies like a bird

Flying like birds do is something humans always wanted and took really very long time until we achieved. Well, not exactly "we" achieved this, because no human can still fly like a bird, but one new robot humans created lately can do this. When humans tried to fly in history they usually tried to fly as birds do, but it turned out that it is very hard to fly like a birds do. After some time we developed much easier and simpler methods to fly, but we still wanted to fly like birds.
In this robot video you can see this fascinating robot. This robot is called SmartBird and was created by team of Marcus Fischer. This robot in this video is very light weight, only something more then 400 grams, is made for light material like carbon fiber, has small motor and it really can fly just by flapping its wings like a real bird. Good work guys I hope we will see much more so interesting videos.

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Amber Salm said...

Awesome !! I am amazed to see this video. I always wish to have this kind of robot. In this video the robot is looking like a real bird.
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