Sunday, July 3, 2011

Video of first flight of NASA robotic lander

Space is very hostile place for humans and there are more and more voices that space exploration is something what humans really should not do, it is just too complicated and too expensive. Well, I think that space exploration is very important, but it is absolutely true that humans should not do it at least now, much better way is to let the robots do the work. They don't need air, water, so much heat as humans and in many many ways they are better than us and every day they are getting stronger and better in everything than we are. It is simple fact we all must accept.

In this robot video clip you can see something really amazing. NASA alway had problems with landing and in fact fact many missions were spoileng because bad landing. Well, it finally looks like they have found really great way how to land on other planets and also on Earth, it is this robotic lander. We have all seen something similar in sci-fi movies, but as you can see in this robot clip, it is finally true.

Why is this roboting lander so amazing? The answer is really very simple, it is because this robotic lander is autonomous and it means it does not need any control, you just give it order and it flyes. To create something like was very hard, but now it can be used in missions to asteroids, Moon, Mars. It can land and lift off again and do maneuvers, hover... really great robot that will help a lot in space exploration.

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